One of my favorite modern books has been adapted to the screen and I didn’t even realize it until today! The 2004 Philip Roth novel, ‘The Plot Against America‘ twists our history to show us what one bad national decision might mean for the American people. It’s following in the footsteps of ‘ The Man in the High Castle‘ and using the Butterfly Effect to show us what this country would have looked like if famed aviator (and famed unpatriotic bigot) Charles Lindberg had beaten Franklin D. Roosevelt for the Presidency in 1940, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Now, Lindberg didn’t actually run for the Presidency, at least he never formally announced that I know of, but he did make quite a showing in the media, and it really did seem like he might run. *shudder*

Warning, the trailer below is violent and has a focus on bigotry and oppression, as well as depictions of violence.

The book was phenomenal, and the trailer (and cast) for the mini-series looks to do it justice! Coming to HBO March 16!

Written by Nancy

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