I’ve made no secret about my dislike for Banana Republic. Those who know me well know that the merchant is on my shit list with the other Gap outlets for it’s pushing of carbon-copy style and woefully out-dated trends being touted as classic instead of just, well, outdated. There’s more, but it’s boring and I want to get to the good part.

We have established that I’m not a big Banana Republic fan, so it’s odd for me to be saying this but I adore their upcoming line! Like so many fashion franchise machines like Estee Lauder, BR has jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon since the 5th season is starting next month, and it’s about time! Here are some pretty photos of the upcoming looks you can expect from this line that will be available in stores and also online on March 01, 2012.


The hair and make-up is horribly 1980s (it would be awesome if companies started hiring people who do research), but the cuts and some of the colors are adorable! Not my era, you couldn’t drag me out of the late 1930s with a team of horses, but I’m sure all the Laura Petrie’s are going to be thrilled!

Side Note: I know they’re going for a Don Draper with that model, but he’s just coming off as a douche bag. I guess there’s only one Jon Hamm, eh?

Written by Nancy

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