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Vintage Style Icon: Zoe Bell

Vintage Style Icon: Zoe Bell

Okay, so when you think of vintage style, the Kiwi stunt woman-turned movie star Zoe Bell (Death Proof, Kill Bill, Xena: Warrior Princess, Angel of Death & Whip It see her in both capacities) isn’t the first person who comes to mind. Sure, she’s got a great strong (yet femme) style of her own, but classic vintage-inspired looks.

That all changed, however, earlier this month when the new Tom Cruise flick, Oblivion, premiered in Los Angeles. Zoe, who co-stars in the film, stunned on the red carpet in a gorgeous late-30s style dress and fox stole (that is fox, right? I have no idea if it’s faux, so please feel free to clue me in!) with lovely waves and perfect makeup. Very glamorous for someone who used to spend her days doing flips and jumps for Lucy Lawless on the set of Xena, eh? But, then, Zoe’s a natural beauty in her own right!

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