About Nancy

Well, hi there! Thanks for stopping by, you can call me Nancy. I’m a freelance writer, designer, and waitress living a Vintage Lifestyle in the American Midwest.

I’ve been interested in wearing and living vintage all my life, but didn’t commit to it until my late teens when I started doing research on the late 1930s to middle 1940s, the ‘War Years’. My passion for an old fashioned silhouette, manners, and everything vintage has changed my life for the better!

About the Website

The name ‘Apple Blossom Time’ comes from the title of a song popularized by The Andrews Sisters. I’ve been through several vintage-inspired domains (Repro Goddess, Button Up Your Overcoat ) but they were always too cumbersome or hard to remember. I chose AppleBlossomTime.net because it was not only a hearken to a bygone era, but because it struck me as quite feminine.

This website is an attempt to chronicle my everyday vintage-inspired life, or ‘vintage lifestyle’, as those who adhere to a similar way of living are like to call it.

My aim is to have articles about this lifestyle and it’s values as well as photos, tutorials and the like but to be more casual about what I post than my other blogs. I want to enjoy my time here and not turn it into a business. 🙂