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Elizabeth Taylor Estate Jewelry Up For Auction? Envy!

Elizabeth Taylor Estate Jewelry Up For Auction? Envy!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching Elizabeth Taylor all of your life and stewing in envy over her beauty, poise and glamour. Taylor was an icon of Hollywood’s the gilded Golden Age who managed to stay young, gorgeous and even relevant somehow. A last bit of sparkle from an era of stardust that we were lucky enough to hold on to for as long as we did. Elizabeth Taylor was enchanting.

And speaking of envy, it was recently announced that her amazing jewelry was to be auctioned off by the Taylor Estate at Christie’s auction house. The total haul? Projected at 30 million dollars.

Included in this auction is the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, the magnificent 33.19 carat gem that she called her “baby” that was a gift from ex-husband Richard Burton. The ring, which I’ve wanted dearly since I was a child (don’t shrink me, I never said I wasn’t frivolous and greedy!) is expected to fetch a small fortune of 2,500,000 – 3,000,000 at auction.

So yes, the gems and baubles I’ve envied all of my life -that once belonged to one of the most beautiful, elegant and talented women in modern history,- are now for sale. But with great envy comes great responsibility! And that responsibility will, hopefully, help me not even think of selling the organs of whomever may be so unlucky as to make a delivery to my door in hopes of buying even a single item.

That’s right, after long and hard deliberation on the subject I’ve decided that I shouldn’t murder random people in order to buy Elizabeth Taylor’s life’s possessions. Yep, responsible. See? I’m a grown up! 😉

Written by Nancy

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