One of the nice things about always being on the go, down some highway or other, is that it gives you experiences. New places, new people, spending time in towns and cities you’ve never been and, for someone like me who’s a sentimental and a romantic when it comes to a life lived on the road? Gee, what a thrill!

I’ve collected dozens and dozens of photos from near and far and I’m planning to share them in the future but I thought I’d start out on my newly refurbished, renamed blog, by sharing a recent trip I took to a beautiful, red brick Victorian mansion the last time I was in Independence, Missouri.

Vaile Mansion in Independence, Missouri

Vaile Mansion, one of the many beautiful examples of vintage opulence in Independence, was built in 1881 by Colonel and Mrs. Harvey Vaile. It’s got 31 gorgeous rooms with painted and papered ceilings, many fireplaces and is just filled up with lovely antiques. But I’m not here to give you a lecture on Vaile, you can read more about that on their website. I’m here to show off some of the photos we took on our trip and I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them. I’m trying for Monday posts, wish me luck!

A photo my stepfather took of me looking very much like my late mother in front of one of Vaile’s gorgeous Christmas trees. Dress by Lindy Bop, Cardigan by Robbie Bee, Platform shoes from Walmart, Jewelry is vintage 1940s.


Many of the Vaile rooms have stunning painted ceilings like this one.

It wasn’t particularly historically accurate, but it was just beautiful and we had a wonderful time. Happy New Year, everyone!

Written by Nancy

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