Good evening! It’s been an exhausting 2017 already, hasn’t it? But I come bearing gifts! In 2015, we went out to Kansas City to the airport by the river and attended the TWA Museum’s USO-style ‘Hanger Dance‘. We’ve done so in the past, sat in the huge airplane hanger with two real TWA planes in the background and listened to jazzy, vintage music provided by the Moonlight Serenade Orchestra, but this time we were able to get there early enough that we could walk through the museum.

Below are the awful photos I took with the tablet I had, which couldn’t take a decent photo to save it’s life! Some of the clothes you see where worn by stewardesses/flight attendants back in the day. Aren’t they darling?

The lighting in the museum was awful, but they had some gorgeous things! Most of it was from the 1950s and 1960s, a little too futuristic for this Homefront gal!

Each guest got an adorable snack pack of popcorn and TWA peanuts, how cute!

We were sitting too far away, unfortunately, to be in the thick of things but I plan to rectify that next time!

While a lot of fun, overall the 2015 event was really short on guests. I’ve thought about organizing a group of my vintage neighbors, those close enough or determined enough to make it to Kansas City, for a future event and use it as a vintage lifestyle meetup. Would anyone be interested in that?

Written by Nancy

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