Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to do much blogging lately so I’m extremely late posting holiday trinkets but there are several which, due to laziness (I have to take photos, and I don’t want to!), I’ve decided to post them in sets.

First up are my adorable lose-reproduction 1930s sunglasses – both tortoise shell with a bit of a wing and a keyhole nose piece. They aren’t perfect, but I’m going to love them forever and our children will be raised Wodenshund:

Next up are my Black Swan earrings from Hong Kong, gold with black enamel and gorgeous multicolored glass gems – they’re a great size and sparkle for a 40s look while maintaining a not-so-standardized look to them:

That’s all for now, because it’s late and I have to re-stress how lazy I am. Will be posting more as I get more photos taken, hopefully!

Written by Nancy

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