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Welcome to Apple Blossom Time, the life and times of an old-fashioned girl trying to live a vintage lifestyle in the American Midwest! Obsessed with good food, clarinet jazz and WWII history. More?

Photos: Vicarious Road Trip

I’ve been getting fun, new and old-fashioned correspondence from the ‘rents as they make their way to Idaho and back, including postcards and stories of the things they’ve done and the people they’ve seen.  And every now and then a pic of something neat, like Aliz, this lovely Japanese doll that my mother thought I’d … Continue reading “Photos: Vicarious Road Trip”

Vintage Style Icon: Zoe Bell

Vintage Style Icon: Zoe Bell

Okay, so when you think of vintage style, the Kiwi stunt woman-turned movie star Zoe Bell (Death Proof, Kill Bill, Xena: Warrior Princess, Angel of Death & Whip It see her in both capacities) isn’t the first person who comes to mind. Sure, she’s got a great strong (yet femme) style of her own, but … Continue reading “Vintage Style Icon: Zoe Bell”

Photos: Gifted Vintage Bedroom Set!

My step dad is always thinking about us, and he gives the best gifts, but this one takes the cake. It’s a beautiful vintage blonde bedroom set (is that shell on the drawer handles??), but they didn’t know exactly when it was from. I only have a small photo that my mother sent via phone. … Continue reading “Photos: Gifted Vintage Bedroom Set!”