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1960s Glam: Banana Republic Goes Mad Men

I’ve made no secret about my dislike for Banana Republic. Those who know me well know that the merchant is on my shit list with the other Gap outlets for it’s pushing of carbon-copy style and woefully out-dated trends being touted as classic instead of just, well, outdated. There’s more, but it’s boring and I … Continue reading “1960s Glam: Banana Republic Goes Mad Men”

Photos: Snood! Ahem, I mean… I bought a snood…

Oh, lovely snood I bought! Thou hast saved my poor, ridiculous hair many a time since you arrivest in the mail-eth! It was cheap, I can’t say I particularly liked the look of it on eBay, but it’s proven to be a pincurl lifesaver and decently durable (I’ve only fallen asleep in the blasted thing … Continue reading “Photos: Snood! Ahem, I mean… I bought a snood…”

Photos: Holiday Trinkets #001

Photos: Holiday Trinkets #001

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to do much blogging lately so I’m extremely late posting holiday trinkets but there are several which, due to laziness (I have to take photos, and I don’t want to!), I’ve decided to post them in sets. First up are my adorable lose-reproduction 1930s sunglasses – both tortoise shell … Continue reading “Photos: Holiday Trinkets #001”