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Welcome to Apple Blossom Time, the life and times of an old-fashioned girl trying to live a vintage lifestyle in the American Midwest! Obsessed with good food, clarinet jazz and WWII history. More?

Working at Home with Munchies

I’m having a rest and a snack during my self-appointed break from WordPress theme coding for a freelance job, thinking about what to do with my day. I don’t even want to think about all of the work I have looming Sunday morning, or the midnight oil I’ll be burning tonight through Tuesday to get … Continue reading “Working at Home with Munchies”

Not dead! Well, not *entirely* dead…

Not dead! Well, not *entirely* dead…

I’ll get more into the what, where and why of Repro Goddess and it’s demise a few months ago at the evil hands of Godaddy, but for the time being I’m still moving everything over from the backup I had on my old server. The server was fine, but it was time to move to … Continue reading “Not dead! Well, not *entirely* dead…”