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Outfit of the Day – Ice Blue 1950s ‘Cinderella’ Dress

Outfit of the Day – Ice Blue 1950s ‘Cinderella’ Dress

Well, seems like keeping a schedule for this blog is going to be a mighty difficult thing! Life’s just too busy and frantic, doesn’t it seem that way?

I’ve finally got my butt out into some horrible daylight to photograph today’s outfit, my ice blue, almost Cinderella-like 1950s-style party dress! I rarely get to wear it, because it’s such a bright and sunny color and Missouri is so awfully muddy and dirty. Even when I have the occasion to wear something fancy, I’m always worried it will be ruined!

What I’m Wearing

Dress: eShakti (aff)
Cardigan: Robbie Bee
Shoes: Candies
Vintage Purse: Zell Fifth Avenue

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