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Update: Hiatus

Well, it’s been a good, long while since we’ve visited last, hasn’t it? In the months I’ve been gone, my life has gone through a few changes – one of those changes comes in the form of a new job! I’m waitressing at a BBQ these days that takes up the majority of my time and, while it allows me to meet many kind folks that I normally wouldn’t cross paths with, it also means a lack of vintage in my day-to-day life.

I do pine for my pincurls, frocks and red lips during work hours (and for the days when I didn’t smell like BBQ smoke and fried food!), but I still have Sundays and Mondays to curl my hair up and throw on some saddle shoes. It’s definitely a big change, I can’t pretend that jeans and tshirts are comfortable – whoever said they were is a fibber! 😛

I’ve been to a few fun places and events since I went on hiatus and I’ll try my darnest to get those chronicled on my blog but, for now, I just wanted to touch base!

Here’s hoping your Autumn is filled with all the wonderful things of fall. I’ll see you soon!

Your friend in time,
Miss Apple Blossom

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